Kriti (Crete) - Easter 2003
Easter Holidays near Iraklion
Travel Agency Hasch - "Mit Hasch geht's rasch"
April 15th to 22nd, 2003

Poppies and olives
Poppies and olives (near Gouves)

Flowers everywhere (on the way to Zaros)

To view the video showing our hiking and skiing adventure on the Psiloritis on Easter Monday (April 21st), click on the icons to the left or right. Please mind that the video has almost 0,5 MB - (c) Haschfilm, April 2003. You need Windows Media Player (TM) to view the video.
Group Easter 2003 Crete
Front row: Christa, Martin, Felix, Trixi;
back row: Michi, Hasch, Lukas, Klaus

Snow on the Psiloritis
A walk of more than eight hours

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